ALVA is a multifunctional door handle, designed to be opened in many different ways, not only with your hand. It is made for the studio spaces and those environments where you often have your hands full, and simply need to open the door by using some other parts of your body. Alva is designed to be opened with hands, elbows, knees and hips. Regardless of its high functionality, the form has not been compromised or dulled by it. The sculpture-like appearance has been inspired by Alvar Aaltoʼs famous door handle, and even though not evident, the handle also fulfills Aaltoʼs philosophy of form following function, leaving the unneccesary out. Made of brass, the Alva door handle will age gracefully telling the story of its surrounding environment, by maintaining polished only from where it has been touched.

Material: Brass

Measurements: 20 cm x 35 cm